An Evolution of Learning

Magnet Programs at Your School

Ignite Engage Empower

Immersa Learning Network brings partner programs to your school. Our programs attract and standout in a crowded education landscape. Our team has been developing relevant and unique programs for disrupted and emerging industry’s for 44 years. From 3D Animation, Video Game Development, Music Production and Engineering and Web Design to Cyber Security, Film, Interior Design, Health and Human Service Professions. We are purpose driven and we bring this to learners. We believe learners need to be engaged in real outcomes not just abstract and theoretical. We deploy relevant “Active Learner” centered strategies that build, promote and support strong, intuitive and organic learning communities and which will evolve students from dependent to independent self-motivated learners.

Immersa Delivers

  • We deliver unique learning that ignites, engages and empowers.
  • We provide technology management and marketing advice
  • We provide relevancy, involving successful businesses and industry in our strategy.
  • We deliver curriculum, instruction, experience. We create Your plan based on Your needs.
  • We provide accredited programs, degree articulation and credible partnerships
  • We deliver online learning communities that support learning, community, alumni  and Industry Relations
  • We bring relevancy joy and enthusiasm back to learning

Make Your School a Magnet

Partner with us and our partners and deliver exciting and world relevant college level courses designed to engage young people and accelerate career development. We tackle leading edge program areas in entertainment production and management as well as select subjects in health and human services.  We partner with schools who seek rapid entry into new subject areas and magnet school appeal to attract new students and potentially reduce attrition. We enhance learner development and the learning process through research and innovation. We develop online learning communities that engage, support, inspire, and adapt learner attitudes to new ways of thinking and learning. Our communities support learners in the pre enrollment period through to Alumni and professional recognition.

New Partner Programs for Schools

  • Online Communities and New Recruitment Models
  • Employer and Business Engagement
  • Strategic Educational Partnerships
  • Learning Hybrid Models
  • Destination Travel Education
  • Professional Coaching and Attrition Management
  • New Technology Delivery Models

Rise Above the Noise